Why We Shouldn't Prematurely End the Lockdown

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The latest press release from UKIP

UKIP, a libertarian, pro-small-business party, is acutely aware of economic carnage. However, a second wave of COVID-19 to result from premature relaxation of lockdown would knock the stuffing out of us; overall financial damage would be greater still.

In March, London Mayor Khan guaranteed there was "no risk" of catching CV19 on public transport - our capital paid grievously for his recklessness. Had the government heeded our early calls to impose strict border controls, we wouldn't be here. Flights, originally bringing in 100,000 a day, many from the most infected areas, then dropping to 15,000 but without tests or quarantining, continued until UKIP's campaign upped the pressure on Boris.

We support a gradual relaxing of lockdown, cessation of measures which unnecessarily restrict liberty without epidemiological benefit, but calls over recent weeks for ending it are irresponsible and go against centuries of scientific knowledge and experience.

UKIP repudiates, and urges all sensible people to ignore, speculation by conspiracy-theorists, including ignorant cranks formerly associated with UKIP, which propagate confusion and falsehoods like:
1. CV19 was a hoax - after the deaths data, even of NHS staff, the virus became undeniable:
2. It's just annual flu - but after the total UK deaths (whatever the cause) per week climbed to thrice the 2010-2019 average:
3. Economic damage outweighed CV19's 200,000 worldwide death toll - but after they were ridiculed by studies showing that, without lockdowns, deaths by now would be over ten million (Imperial College, etc.) as exponential growth kicked in, and resultant disruption would be unthinkable:
4. Sweden shows full lockdown is unnecessary - but now, new deaths% there is #2 in the world and aggregate% six times that of their neighbour, locked-down Norway, and population density is 1/20th England's:
5. Germany (ahead of us in the infection-lockdown timeline) eased off - but its infection rate then escalated, with a panicked Merkel readying for reimposition:
6. Japan, 75% as densely populated as England, likewise - but they got it earlier, they were not handicapped by huge immigration numbers, and like New Zealand clamped down fast on visas, quarantining, public transport, so now enjoy the fruits; it's absurd to compare vastly different national outcomes when underlying factors differ so wildly:
7. Fresh specious arguments from fake experts (one claimed ebola is air-vectored!), assorted kooks and discredited/oddball attention-seeking scientists arguing against the germ-theory of disease, vaccines (perhaps smallpox disappeared as a result of collective worship), etc.

Speech is free; they can risk their own lives with the follies they promote, but the consequence of their selfish stupidity is deaths, especially of our most vulnerable.

As a nation, we must objectively decide what easing will best serve us based upon our circumstances, not those of countries that made significantly different decisions early on.

UKIP remains vigilant about encroachments on civil liberty and excesses committed by government and over-zealous enforcers, ensuring measures are temporary.

UKIP, on the best data available, supports a phased unravelling of lockdown starting around May 15th.

We will not opportunistically play political games during a time of grave national peril; shame on those who do.


Freddy Vachha

UKIP Science Spokesman