Experienced Veterans Campaigner Joins UKIP Team as Armed Forces Community Spokesperson

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“UKIP will only use the words will and must in all our promises to our brave armed forces community,” says Royal Navy veteran, Des White on his appointment.

Royal Navy veteran and experienced veteran rights campaigner, Des White, has today joined the UKIP team as Armed Forces Community Spokesperson; promising that UKIP “will not be like the traditional parties who fob veterans off with false promises.”

Speaking on his appointment, Mr White said, “I am determined UKIP will be the party that says, ‘we will’ and ‘we must’ in all our promises to our brave armed forces community. My role will be to listen to all the armed forces communities around the UK and act on their concerns.”

“The Armed Forces Covenant is not fit for purpose it needs a complete rewrite after real consultation with veterans living on our streets. We all need to hang our heads in shame when our homeless veterans aged between 20 & 80 are having to live rough on our streets. When veterans are still begging their local authorities for help, no government can say its priority is veterans!”

“However, my role in UKIP will not be just homelessness. For the first time, veterans will have a political party that will indeed be a safe place for veterans, serving personnel and their families.

“In the coming weeks UKIP will be consulting veterans, serving personnel and their families, we will have fully funded policies, that will make real positive changes to the lives of our countries heroes.”

Mr White continued, “UKIP is the only political party that will offer real benefits to our armed services and our veterans, and we are proud to do so. We as a nation are proud of our armed forces and their families, so I am determined we will not just be a party of words, but one of action!”

Mr White comes to UKIP with a great deal of experience in veteran affairs, having been the chief executive of several charities and previously working with Government and MPs on veteran affairs.

Commenting on Mr White’s appointment, UKIP leader, Gerard Batten MEP said, “it’s great that someone, as experienced as Des White, has decided to join the UKIP team.”

“I am greatly looking forward to working with Des and putting forward a series of policies aimed at radically shaking up the way veterans are treated in this country. It is a national disgrace that many veterans have little or no help from the Government with issues such as PTSD, homelessness and alcoholism following their service to this country.”