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The following is a letter sent to the press regarding recent happenings.

Dear News Desk,
I read with interest the following piece and felt compelled to contact you. 
I am the current National Party Chairman of UKIP and also a former Royal Navy Sailor, serving on HMS York and Southampton; both Portsmouth based Type 42 Destroyers. 
I have visited the Victory many times and was appalled when I read Batten’s tweet which was nothing more than fake news designed to stir-up a certain section of his followers. 
Batten was the leader of UKIP for a short period in which he oversaw the demolition of the Party in the most recent EU elections and the toxic association with former BNP member and EDL founder, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. He guided us to last position in a Welsh Parliamentary By-Election and left us languishing below 1% in the national opinion polls. A proud record to have. I’m pleased to say the party is now recovering following this short spell of political sickness with a return to its small government, libertarian roots and an improved national polling percentage. 
He was suspended from the party by myself for his associations and damage caused to the UKIP brand, failing to appeal against said charges which could be perceived as an admission of guilt. 
The idiocy of this Anti-British tweet and attack on the Royal Navy further demonstrates the mans lack of political awareness and confirms to me the party did the right thing in removing him. 
I’m a very proud Royal Navy Veteran and will always be eternally grateful to the Royal Navy, Historical Dockyard and city of Portsmouth for the work they do in preserving and sharing our Naval History. Long may that continue. 
If you would like any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 
Kind regards,
Ben Walker
National Party Chairman