Armed Services Day

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Armed Services Day in the United Kingdom is normally an annual event to commemorate the service of men and women to their country. Unfortunately this year there will be no fairs, gathering or events due to the pandemic but, that doesn’t mean we can’t all spare a minute to pay tribute to these brave souls and their families who sacrifice a life that we would consider normal to enable us to live just that. These people are there to defend this country when needed, protect its global interests, and assist other countries during their darkest days.

Having served our country myself and now having a son that serves in the Parachute Regiment I know this day means a lot to the Armed Services.

We should also remember the ones that have gone before them who also served and the families that support them in carrying out their duties.

We must never forget those that paid the ultimate sacrifice and laid down their lives so that you could live yours in a society free from oppression and hate.

Please take a moment today to give thanks to our heroes.

Ben Walker
National Party Chairman