Bounties & Cuts – Tories No Longer an Armed Services Friend

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We can't trust the government.

It was already difficult enough for soldiers carrying out tours of Afghanistan, but now they serve their country knowing that it's likely the Russians have incentivised the Taliban with bounties on their heads. That's right; the Russian government stands accused of offering money to the Taliban for the confirmed deaths of US and British troops. If that wasn't bad enough, it now also appears that the White House may have known this was the case and said nothing. The special relationship that goes back decades has meant that intelligence they hold hasn't been shared so our military commanders couldn't protect our servicemen and women from being hunted for money. Neither Russia, the Taliban or the White House have confirmed the claims, but then why would they? Whilst Russia wants US troops out of Afghanistan is this really the way to ensure they leave, and why would the US stay silent knowing they struck this deal? The UK allegedly found out about this a week ago and guess what they did? Nothing.

"It's simply unforgivable for a government to play politics with the lives of their service personnel, especially when its Russia you're playing with."

Freddy Vachha – UKIP Leader

Today in the UK, we hear of government leaks sighting extensive cuts to its military, in particular, the Royal Marines - our amphibious soldiers who helped win back the Falkland Islands in 1982. The government wants to redistribute funding to cyber warfare and space, both important issues but at what cost? It is service personnel like these who are currently assisting in the construction of Nightingale Hospitals and operating COVID Testing Stations, ensuring frontline NHS staff can treat the people who really need it.

Being ex-Royal Navy myself, you may argue that I'm biased, and maybe I am. My eldest son has just joined the Parachute Regiment, and it's my belief that the armed services play a much bigger part in society and the world than you may first think. You have a body of people who will follow orders, do the government's bidding, support local economies, support disaster-struck areas in the world, to name just a few. The commitment of service personnel this country invests in doesn't just end when they leave the service. That select skill set is then of great worth in civilian life and the economy at large.

It was also my belief that a Conservative government was the protector of the country's Armed Services. It would appear that is no longer the case. These days, the Tory axe will fall anywhere other than the hand that feathers their nest. A vote for the LIB/LAB/CON is a vote against the security of your country.

Ben Walker

National Party Chairman & Defence Spokesman