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Statement from UKIP leader regarding recent legal action.

UKIP's Legal Action

Tuesday's High Court judgment, in which I detect flaws, isn't as clear-cut as selective quoting in social media suggests. However, it is correct to say that while UKIP won on several points, the other side won far more. In the decision as handed down, the judge praised UKIP for both its "fairness" (at 10. & 117.) and generosity to the defendants.

While some in the Party will be disappointed at the outcome, the silver lining is that UKIP can now get Back to the Business of politics - and that is where I always wanted it to be.

At every stage, I believe the then management acted in good faith, with what they felt was complete justification and an absence of malice.

I was elected onto the NEC four weeks after the course had been set and legal action commenced.

I became Party Leader a few days ago.

Notwithstanding that the judge allowed UKIP to continue against one of the original defendants and also left it open for UKIP to appeal, it is my clear wish that, instead, a line be drawn, no further proceedings issued in this matter and the small costs awarded paid promptly.

I shall use such influence as I have to bring this about.

I bore no ill-feeling towards former defendants I hold responsible, and, in the light of the judgment, ascribe their activities to folly which, alas, played into the hands of our real foes, Lib/Lab/Con/Groan/Rejoin and their enablers in the mainstream media.

Let's move forward, friends. What binds us is stronger than what divides us. There's nothing more to be seen, and I know what needs to be done.

Freddy Vachha

Leader, UKIP

July 8, 2020