COVID-19 At the Borders

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UKIP response to the fortnight self-isolation rule

The government is indecisive for ages and then, when it is decisive, it gets it wrong!

The recently imposed requirement to self-isolate for 14 days when returning from certain destinations abroad is an over-reaction.  Fourteen days is an upper-end estimate of how long an infected person may remain infectious without very clear symptoms appearing. 

There was a simple and, in terms of costs to the economy, including the travel sector, especially airlines, and impact on freedoms, better alternative. 

UKIP advocates that the UK imitates the Channel Islands' and Austria's handling of the issue

At disembarkation, passengers have the option to either take several COVID-19 tests or rigorously self-isolate for a fortnight. 

If they opt for the tests, they may or may not be given the choice between a free one that is slow and a charged-for one that yields results while they wait, say within 3 hours. 

Even if they test clear, they must take stringent extra precautions, preferably self-isolating, for a few more days until they are tested again.  This re-test is needed because they may have caught CV19 in the 48 hours prior to embarkation, or during the flight itself - tests are very unlikely to detect such recent cases. 

Breaches of quarantine without a valid excuse will lead to imprisonment and heavy fines

UKIP accepts that the tests themselves are not always correct, but this method sensibly balances medical risks and financial & social rewards.

Whether or not this directly impacts you, please lobby your MP for the change, say via

Stephen Lee

UKIP Transport Spokesman