An Attack on Democracy

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Trouble in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The latest attack on Democracy from our corrupt and useless Northern Ireland Assembly and its inept members has come in the form of the Executive Committee ( Functions ) Bill, which they pushed through, using Accelerated passage, to avoid proper deliberation and study of the detail contained within.
Now they all get to pat each other on the back as they all head away on another paid holiday at our expense.
This Bill will give ministers from all parties, including those aligned with terrorists, far too much power and the ability to push through legislation without proper scrutiny by the whole Assembly.
This is the latest in a long list of slaps in the face for the electorate from the clowns on the hill and the token abstentions from so-called "Unionist politicians" will fool very few in the Protestant, Unionist, and Loyalist communities here and be seen as the token gesture it is.
Only UKIP has been consistent in calling for this farce called local government to be scrapped.
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Robert Hill Spokesman for UKIP in Northern Ireland.