UKIP Statement on Derek Jennings

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UKIP Leader Freddy Delighted that Former UKIP Candidate is Jailed



In the 21st century, to continue to torture animals, whether or not in the name of religion, is unthinkable. 

UKIP is the only major party that has for years insisted on an absolute ban of non-stun slaughter. When we realised that a UKIP member had been arrested for repeatedly punching a horse, and his guilt was clear from video footage, we immediately terminated his membership and called for the key to be thrown away. We are very happy he has yesterday been convicted and put away for a long time.

That person, Derek Jennings, also had a string of prior convictions for other offences. He was nonetheless permitted to stand as a candidate for the party in May 2019 while it was under the disastrous "leadership" of one who encouraged the involvement of even more disgusting serial jailbirds and violent hooligans.

Freddy Vachha, a retired scientist, entrepreneur and UKIP's Leader since June 2020, declared that after a prolonged internal struggle, we have rid UKIP of the stain of that appalling chapter in our history, which so tainted the reputation of a law-abiding libertarian party that had bravely fought for UK independence.

Freddy calls for all decent people who love Britain, and who are as appalled as he is by how low UKIP had been dragged by the ghastly obsessions of its former "leaderships", to join in a vibrant, forward-thinking, ahead-of-the-curve, agile party which fights for the rights and freedoms of our great people.