UKIP MEP Margot Parker on the fight against exploitation

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MARGOT Parker MEP has expressed her horror at revelations nearly 150 children, some as young as two, were trafficked into Wales with many facing sexual exploitation.

Reports show that in the last 18 months, children aged between two and 17 were identified as potential victims of modern slavery and human trafficking and given help. The majority were girls said the Welsh Government's anti slavery co-ordinator.

Mrs Parker, an MEP for the East Midlands, serves on the EU's FEMM committee, (committee for women's rights and gender equality), and has campaigned at home and abroad on a host of issues, including trafficking.

She said: 

"These figures are truly horrifying.

"These poor children must have been petrified, suffering abuse and violence on a daily basis."


Reports say Stephen Chapman, the Welsh Government's anti-slavery co-ordinator, said slavery such as forced prostitution and labour, criminal exploitation and domestic servitude had all been uncovered in Wales.


Mrs Parker said: 

"It is almost beyond belief this is happening in our country in 2018.

"I fully support the work going on to find these victims and lead them to a better life. I feel we should be doing all we can to end this shocking situation.

"Trafficking is a horrendous violation of human rights and a major crime.

"Evidence has shown many criminals take advantage of EU citizenship to traffic people from outside the EU into member states.

"Leaving the EU will, at least, enable us to end the free movement of people and allow us control of our borders, where we can carry out proper checks – including criminal record checks – on people attempting to gain entry into the UK."