Manchester bomber Salman Abedi - a viper we nurtured in our own bosom

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It has been revealed that Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi was rescued by HMS Enterprise off the coast of Libya and flown from Malta to the UK in August 2014. Abedi was in Libya at the start of the Libyan Civil War and evacuated along with 217 civilians including his younger brother, Hashem, who is in prison in Libya awaiting trial for his suspected role in the bombing.

It's understood that Abedi had visited Syria where he met with leaders of an Islamic State cell before being found in Libya. The shocking revelation reveals the unintended consequences of humanitarian efforts and the sheer hatred that Abedi held for his birth nation.
UKIP Leader Gerard Batten commented:
“This is an entirely misplaced humanitarian effort. There is nothing wrong with helping people in other lands if we can, but importing thousands and thousands of people from alien cultures leads to the consequences that we see here.
“It cannot be said that the unintended consequences of this could not be foreseen as there were sufficient warnings.  Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage warned of importing terrorists in the European Parliament and was castigated for his efforts, which subsequently proved correct.
"Our security services were monitoring Abedi before he was rescued in August 2014 and he was a suspected ISIS asset who visited Syria.  Thousands of potential Islamic terrorists are known to the security services that have inadequate resources to monitor them. 
“What happened in Manchester has been duplicated across Europe, particularly in France, where these people have been brought in vast numbers. This should serve as a warning to European governments but most are continuing to invite hundreds of thousands of people in. Indeed the European Union intends to adopt formal legislation to let in millions more under the Marrakech declaration.
“UKIP is the only party opposing this madness and we will continue to do so.”