Theresa May deliberately steering the Brexit ship on to the rocks so it can be abandoned

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The Tories are stoking up fears of a so-called ‘no deal’ Brexit to stop Britain from meaningfully leaving the European Union. The intention of the EU and their servants in the Tory Party is to straightjacket us in a ‘deal’ to either create Brexit in name only or stop Brexit entirely. 
For two years the European Union has been playing political games with no concern for the economy. They are content to impoverish the people of Europe in order to protect their precious political project. The plan of the EU is to make Brexit look as difficult as possible in order to discourage other nations from leaving. UKIP warned about this since day one of the negotiations. We advocate getting out of the EU on WTO terms so that our nation can focus on developing links with the rest of the world, but our Remainer Prime Minister is all too happy to play along with their game.
UKIP Leader Gerard Batten commented:
“Mrs May’s mismanagement of Brexit is too thorough to be sheer incompetence. She is deliberately steering the Brexit ship on to the rocks so it can be abandoned. She never had any intention of delivering Brexit any more than the EU was going to offer the mythical ‘good deal’.
“Will those in the Tory Party who believe in Brexit have the courage to depose Mrs May? That is the only way we will avoid the final betrayal.
“UKIP’s position has never wavered. We want Britain’s Exit from the EU. A complete and unencumbered Exit: no more money paid, no more EU laws, and no more open borders. 
“The only way we will ever leave is to stop asking the EU how it can be done and to start telling them how we are going to do it.
“That will never happen under Mrs May. She has to go or Brexit will be betrayed.“