Salih Khater attack: Britain under a state of permanent siege

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The attack on the Houses of Parliament by Sudanese national Salih Khater on Tuesday has led to multiple raids by the police throughout the Midlands.

The security services believe that there are approximately 23,000 potential jihadist extremists living in the UK; more than enough to form an army division. 
UKIP Leader Gerard Batten commented:
“This is yet another attack in a long line of them and the reason why we have barriers at public buildings. The elephant in the room is the growth of literalist and fundamentalist Islam in our country which has led to our public buildings being under a state of permanent siege. 
“Not that long ago we didn’t have police with sub-machine guns on the corners of every public building. We must drop political correctness and confront these issues openly. If we don’t then we will simply be allowing these dark forces to take control of our country.”