Margot Parker fights rigorously against FGM

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EAST Midlands UKIP MEP Margot Parker, who has campaigned rigorously against FGM, said she was appalled at hearing a three-year-old girl from London needed emergency surgery after allegedly being subjected to the practice.

She said: "This is shocking and deeply disturbing.

"We know this goes on this country - girls are being mutilated here or taken abroad for this vile procedure.

"We cannot rest until FGM is outlawed worldwide and those countries which have laws against it must bring the full force of laws down on perpetrators."

Margot has also said she hoped that the first ever prosecution in Somalia for FGM, brings about change.

She said: "It is truly shocking the death of a ten-year-old girl while undergoing this awful procedure has had to bring things to a head.
"It is a tragic price.

"But now the Somalian Government has pledged to being the country's first ever prosecution.

"We can only pray this brings about a change in attitudes and helps the process of stopping this practice once and for all."