Tory Africa Minister's statement reveals the intention of Brexit in name only

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Tory Africa Minister Harriett Baldwin said this morning on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme that the UK wants trade relations 'as good as we have now' post-Brexit. For this to remain 'as good as we have now' it would constrain the UK to levy high tariffs on many agriculture products, to the detriment of African producers and UK consumers.

Baldwin also said that the UK will continue to contribute to European Union foreign aid funds (we currently channel nearly £1bn a year of aid through EU agencies).

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said,

"This is yet another signal that Mrs May intends to leave the EU in name only. One of the great advantages to the UK and non-EU countries post-Brexit is no longer being constrained by the EU's common external tariffs on food and cash crops.

"Leaving the EU is a golden opportunity to achieve cheaper food prices for our people and increase profitable trade for developing nations."