Treacherous Tories push Brexit talks back again

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According to the Daily Express, government insiders have revealed that the deadline for the Brexit negotiations between the UK and the European Union has been pushed back beyond October. The insiders claim that the deadline has been moved to mid-November.

UK Ministers were set to meet EU negotiators at an EU summit on October 18 to thrash out a final deal, but that appears to have been cancelled.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten commented,

"The deadlines are being constantly rolled back, Theresa May is clueless and the EU doesn't want us to leave. 

"At this rate, we are either not leaving or leaving in name only. UKIP called the Tories out on their duplicity from day one and I hope that the British people will not be fooled by them again. 

"Only UKIP is committed to getting Britain out of the EU. Votes for the Tories or Labour will only impede our exit."