Boris Johnson plays catch up with UKIP

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In a piece for the Sunday Telegraph, Tory MP Boris Johnson announced that Theresa May's Chequers plan "means a disaster" for Britain. 

The former Foreign Secretary described the negotiation as "pre-ordained", much akin to a wrestling bout between Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy, with the end result of "...the UK lying flat on the canvas and 12 stars circling symbolically over our semi-conscious head."

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said,

"It seems that Boris Johnson is finally catching up with UKIP - we've been saying that Theresa May is a committed Remainer since the very beginning of the process and always intended to throw the match.  Make no mistake, the Tories never had any intention of getting us out of the EU. 

"Johnson must bear his own responsibility because he was involved with David Davis in setting up the initial negotiating strategy when he was Foreign Secretary. Perhaps if he wasn't so loyal to the Tories and put his country first, he would have made these statements much sooner."