UKIP stands for a complete and total withdrawal from the European Union. Irrespective of whatever
new ‘withdrawal agreement’ or treaty the government agrees with the EU, UKIP will continue to fight for
the UK’s total independence from the EU, and to fully restore the UK’s former status as an independent,
self-governing, sovereign state.

In short, UKIP stands for: no more money to be paid to the EU, no more EU laws imposed upon us, no
more jurisdiction over us by the European Court and no more open-border EU immigration.

  • Brexit should mean that the UK not only leaves the EU Commission and Parliament but also that
    the whole United Kingdom leaves the Single Market and Customs Union. There must be no regulatory or
    customs border down the Irish Sea, which separates Northern Ireland from Great Britain.
  • Brexit means that the UK leaves the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and Common Fisheries Policy
    (CFP) and takes full and exclusive control of our rightful maritime territory, the 200-mile Exclusive Economic
  • A clean exit from the EU will include withdrawing post-Brexit from the EU Common Foreign, Security
    and Defence Policies (CFSP and CSDP) which will subjugate our armed forces to the EU military command
    and control architecture. We must not be subject to European Defence Funding (EDF), European Defence
    Agency (EDA), or Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO).
  • We will seek a Free Trade Agreement with the EU, where the UK and EU trade tariff-free in goods
    and services while maintaining regulatory independence. If the EU is not willing to agree such a
    mutually-beneficial arrangement, we will trade with the EU on WTO terms in the same way as we currently
    trade with the USA or Australia.
  • Britain’s international standing will be enhanced by leaving the EU as it will be able to act
    independently, whilst retaining its membership of the UN Security Council, the World Trade Organisation,
    the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, and over 100 other international organisations of which we are a
  • Outside the European Union, Britain will be a more prosperous nation. We will regain control of
    our trade policy, free business from unnecessary regulation, take control of our agricultural industry and
    restore our fishing industry. Increased prosperity will mean more jobs and more tax revenue to pay for
    the things we all want for the British people.