Digital Technology


Digital Technology

Geographically, the UK nestles perfectly between Europe and the Americas, an accident of nature that has enabled our comparatively tiny nation to become the beating heart of global trade and the fifth most powerful trading nation in the world. English is the international language of law, trade, finance, and technology, and over the last 100 years or so, new super-fast telecommunications links have been laid to support these well-established International trading routes. As a result, London has become one of the key strategic confluences of global telecoms connectivity and one of the cheapest places in the world to buy and sell wholesale telephone calls and Internet bandwidth.

  • London and the big cities have become well-connected to the global digital super-highway, but many parts of the UK, such as rural, agricultural and fishing communities, have been left behind, creating a massive divide between the digital “haves” and the “have nots”. UKIP intend to close that gap!
  • For a fraction of the costs of HS2 or Fibre Broadband into every home, UKIP will build a network of well-connected business incubators (Net Centres) in these digitally deprived areas. This will allow start-ups and small to medium businesses to take advantage of ultra-high-speed connectivity, with Gigabit speeds, not Megabits.
  • There should be a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G until it has been fully tested to determine whether its high-energy microwave transmitters are fully safe for human beings, animals, plants and microbes. If it is proven to be safe, 5G wireless technologies may be considered as an alternative where fibre connectivity is not viable.
  • No foreign power should ever be allowed to provide any part of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).
  • UKIP will, therefore, create a network of Cyber Training Academies to allow small businesses and individuals to “learn digital skills”. This will keep the UK at the forefront of Cyber Security and Cloud-based tech.
  • UKIP advocates investment in reforming police investigative techniques tools and investigatory skills to keep ahead of cyber attackers and terrorists using encrypted communications, and countering online cyber-crime (including child abuse, radicalisation and fraud).
  • Our aim is to make the UK the global leader in modern crime-fighting in general and detecting digital terrorist and cyber threats in particular, using a UK tech industry skills base. This will create many thousands of jobs in the industry.