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Latest National News
PC Police and a Disgraceful Failing.
   16 January - 2020
How can this continue? .
Farage has dropped the baton in the sprint for Brexit.
   15 January - 2020
Time to be radical? .
HS2 Destroying Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard.
   15 January - 2020
HS2 impacts YOU. .
Is Brexit a Done Deal?.
   13 January - 2020
UKIP's position in a post-Brexit Britain. .
What Next for British Politics in 2020.
   03 January - 2020
An empty landscape or a field of dreams? . Read more...
Latest Local News
Distance no object for UKIP activists.
  11 December - 2019
Campaigners have been fighting hard across the country to make sure th.... Read more...
University expansion takes over city.
  11 December - 2019
It's a tale of two cities. While Exeter university has been allowed to.... Read more...
Grassroots authentic representation.
  11 December - 2019
UKIP is a party that has campaigned tirelessly for a full exit from th.... Read more...
Reform voting system with PR.
  09 December - 2019
The first past the post voting system is not fair and the last three y.... Read more...
UKIP targets Tory Remainers.
  09 December - 2019
The Brexit Party may have stood aside but UKIP is continuing to turn t.... Read more...