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UKIP.org and MYUKIP.com are UKIP sites and as such seeks to reflect the Party’s values. The site is designed for UKIP members and supporters to communicate with each other, to discuss policy and ideas, and to organise campaigns in their area and nationally. Whilst open discussion and debate is encouraged, please follow the guidelines of use below.

The site is not intended as a mechanism for detailed replies to specific or individual cases, from the UKIP or its representatives. These are best with dealt via private correspondence; or in the case of UKIP representatives via their own specified contact procedures, where available. The site is also intended to be a platform for Members and supporters, and as such is not a platform for those who do not share UKIP’s values.

Campaign communications with supporters will be delivered via the mechanisms provided on the platform. This media may change depending on changes to the platform over time.

These terms are posted here by UKIP  (“the Party”, “we”, “our” or “us”). We are the owner of the site www.ukip.org (“website”, “site/s). You, the user (“user”, “users”, “you” or “your”), including those who are Members, are subject to the terms and principles as outlined below. Please take a moment to read them. Creating an account and using the site constitutes acceptance of these terms in full.

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By accessing these sites, the user agrees to abide by the terms and principles outlined, and also agree that infringement of these will result in suspension or removal of their account.

This document may be revised at any time by updating these terms and re-posting them here. We would recommend that you regularly check this document for any amendments, as once posted onto the site you will be expected to comply with them.

There may be from time to time, more specific terms that outline internal Party procedures, reflect changes in The UKIP Party Rule Book, or for another reason require an amendment of the terms. If these more specific terms are posted on the site, they will take precedence.

Members’ areas will only be accessible to current members, who meet the criteria as in the Party Rule Book. By accessing these sites you are agreeing to provide accurate contact information, and it is incumbent upon Members to endeavour to keep their contact details updated via the mechanisms provided.

The use of discussions, blogs and all other comments are welcomed, as a mechanism for exchanging views and debate. Similarly, campaign actions, content, and communications are an integral part of campaign engine room. However, users accept responsibility for their content, and also must acknowledge that this will not necessarily reflect the views and policies of UKIP

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