Brexit must mean EXIT!

The UKIP Plan for Leaving the European Union

By Gerard Batten MEP


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Latest National News
UKIP: The Last Defenders of Democracy.
   29 June - 2019
We do not shy away from hard work because we know that if we work hard... . Read more...
UKIP National Conference.
   10 June - 2019
With the added excitement of a new Leader, we can’t wait to find out... . Read more...
Thank you for voting UKIP!.
   24 May - 2019
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Hustings for One.
   21 May - 2019
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Historic election breakthrough for UKIP.
   17 May - 2019
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Latest Local News
Doncaster branch stall.
  12 June - 2019
A successful day in doncaster city center..
Veterans in North East show support.
  22 May - 2019
UKIP is enjoying great support among Veterans across the country.. Read more...
Debate in the Park.
  22 May - 2019
UKIP supporters, opponents and the undecided enjoyed several hours of .... Read more...
UKIP Cambridge supports Stuart Agnew MEP in his European Parliament re-election campaign.
  21 May - 2019
Ely leafleting.
UKIP makes its voice heard on the BBC's Any Questions?.
  21 May - 2019
UKIP Cambridge & SE Cambs branch were rather excited to be offered fiv.... Read more...