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Latest National News
Tougher approach to crime needed.
   05 December - 2019
We are living in an increasingly lawless society argues UKIP's Home Af... . Read more...
EU not about trade but political domination.
   04 December - 2019
Be under no illusions - Boris Johnson's EU Withdrawal deal is not what... . Read more...
UKIP parliamentary candidates.
   04 December - 2019
General Election 2019 .
An Unnecessary Tragedy.
   30 November - 2019
A response to the recent tragedy. .
UKIP takes the fight to Labour in Exeter.
   29 November - 2019
UKIP candidate Duncan Odgers is taking on Ben Bradshaw in Labour's sou... . Read more...
Latest Local News
Improve services before housing developments.
  05 December - 2019
Marietta King, UKIP's housing spokesman, urges 'improve services ahead.... Read more...
Candidate fights 'no platforming' by schools.
  04 December - 2019
Reigate UKIP candidate hits back at schools' 'anti-democratic' no plat.... Read more...
Top of the class Brexit alternative for voters.
  04 December - 2019
Fresh from producing the UKIP 2019 manifesto David Kurten is taking on.... Read more...
Bright star at Christmas hustings in Cathedral.
  04 December - 2019
Candidate Duncan Odgers offers Exeter the gift of the latest UKIP mani.... Read more...
UKIP Battle Bus joins North East campaign.
  04 December - 2019
In the Leave voting North East the authentic voice of Brexit takes to .... Read more...